Sad Day in Sunset Valley

originally posted April 12, 2012


Don Juan (DJ) Kassanova

It’s truly a sad day for me in Sunset Valley. DJ Kassanova has died. That sim was smokin’ in his young adult days. Heck, even as a teen he was pretty darn hot. I will miss him. Although Cory comes close, something is missing. Sigh. May you rest in peace, Don Juan Kassanova — or maybe hit the hot tub with Reilly and the other ghosts some night. 🙂

So, while my game is saving I’ll give y’all an update as to where things stand:

Vlad has increased his kill skill to level 4 with a total of 12 random homicides. Among those he has snuffed are Annie (Oseguera) Kassanova, Christina (Oseguera) Wilson, Sarah Abraham, and Erin Kassanova. Only 2 male sims have fallen victim to him. Both Annie and Sarah had to be resurrected. The game just wouldn’t work for me without them. lol I was saddened by the deaths of Erin and Christina, but they were both elders so they were on their way out anyway. To make life more interesting for this naughty little vampire, StoryProgression added him to the gigolo clan awhile back. His first date was Elvira. In fact, for the longest time she was pretty much his only date. Right up until she killed him the second time.

Elvira is also up to skill level 4, but she only has 9 kills under her belt. She’s going to have to get moving if she wants to keep up with the Murder Maestro. El recently gave birth to twins — two boys, Randy and Elijah. Randy is evil, like his parents, and has dark hair. Somehow Elijah got the good trait and blond hair. Not sure where either of those came from. I suppose you’re wondering who the father is…. as if you couldn’t guess by comments in the previous paragraph, it’s Vlad.

Whoops. Make that 13 kills for Bad Vlad. Guess he didn’t care for being insulted by a townie.

Make that almost 14 kills. Bad Vlad actually tried to kill his only remaining grown daughter! Irina was killed by an overzealous slaying. Charlotte was murdered by Elvira. Daria died by immolation in a workbench accident. And Vlad goes and tries to kill Dasha just for the heck of it??? He was talking about Jason and Janie, she brought up Joey…. and boom! He’s all up in her face with the red relationship bubbles and she’s suddenly doubling over in apparent pain. Ooooh that just made me mad. He has just totally lost his autonomous killing privileges. His life just got soooooo boring — go to work, come home, take care of Joey and the babies. Do whatever Sarah tells him to do. He’s gonna be one whipped pup by the time I give him any freedom again. lol

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