Naughty Little Assassins 3

The May Updates

May 6, 2012

Vlad Schlick

Vlad Schlick

YIPPEE! Vlad just liquified Joshua Wilson. Man I was tired of that old geezer in my town. Apparently he did it in front of Elvira. And apparently she was rather fond of the old man. lol Or maybe…. she did the liquifying but Vlad’s the one arrested for it? She just got that evil grin….. just as soon as the cop car pulled away with Vlad inside. From map view they both had the Liquify interaction in their map tags. I thought one of them was doing it to the other and went to investigate. Now I’m totally confused. LOL Guess I need to make her active and find out if she has credit for another kill. Nope. Still just 16, which makes Sandi French her last victim. I guess she was just enjoying the sight of her ex-husband being hauled off to jail. Yea Vlad! Thank you for ridding the town of the perennially unattractive Joshua Wilson. Sorry Elvira, that you lost someone you apparently cared about — but there’s still Dave Lomax. You remember him — the guy you were getting to know last night….. in your bed? So what if he is married, right? 🙂

Hmm…. it seems Joshua Wilson died of hunger. Who was going to liquify whom then? I’m thinking Vlad may have been saved by the siren.

May 7, 2012

Holy smokes! Vlad was in a pissy mood when got off work today! He left the office just a little over three and a half hours ago and just tried to kill his SECOND victim of the afternoon!!! Silly me. I thought since he was so tense that he might enjoy a little random woohoo up at the equestrian center with one of the new girls in town. I sent him up. He opened the conversation with some small talk. She flirted. And he got offended. Since when does Vlad get offended by some half dressed hot chick flirting with him??? So he responds with some insults and “Liquify!” Oh no. No. That ain’t happening on my watch. He tried to drown her twice before I finally got them behaving civilly. Then she started in with a flirtatious joke and it was all over but the last rites. He cursed her. Having never witnessed that particular method I had to let it run. So much for Nina Lomax. Now her husband is a bit sad. Perhaps even a bit mad. Apparently Vlad’s experience with the SVPD hasn’t taught him that it’s not nice to kill a mobster’s wife. Especially when that Family man has the only gun in town. Good thing he doesn’t have the kill skill…………….. yet.

So then I send Vlad home. Mainly just to see what happens if the cop arrives to arrest him and he’s gone — which was the cop went to his house and got stuck in the vortex of a routing error that prevented him from walking down the sidewalk to the path leading to the front door….. and he left. Vlad avoided arrest in much the same fashion that Elvira did awhile back. Joey was home when Vlad arrived, but had to leave for work. At least he was supposed to leave for work at about the same time the cop arrived. For whatever reason, known only to SP, Joey turned around and came back to ask his dad a question. Bad Dad Vlad was still feeling pissy and took offense at the question (perhaps Joey was asking why dad wanted to be the Dracul instead of a member of the Lestat?). Rather than answer the question he killed his son. He tried to kill his son. I reset Joey before he died and sent him off to work. It may be time for him to find a place of his own.

In lighter news, Elvira got married to Leonard Whitney today. Good luck, Leonard.

I should’ve shut down the game when I finished writing — or not finished writing till I shut down the game. Sunset Valley has turned into a slaughter house today! In just the last few minutes of playing the game Elvira killed Sarah (but was foiled by the reset button) and then tried to burn Delbert Huffman. When he managed to escape the flames unharmed she electrocuted him. A crime for which she spent the rest of the afternoon in jail playing dominoes. And in case you’re wondering about the seemingly sudden nuptials for Ms. Slayer — yes, she is pregnant. Bwahahah

Later in the evening I found a sim in mourning for a somewhat familiar face — that of Jamie Abraham, who had been chatting with Vlad behind the theater. Huh? In map view I see Grimmy — in the same location as Vlad — but NOT behind the theater. Hmm. When I get there Vlad and the local thug are standing over the body of Heather Oseguera. Ok…. that’s not Jamie. What happened to Jamie??? Not wanting to reset Vlad out of a possible arrest, I make Elvira active to check her scorecard. Delbert was her last kill. So I check the town’s records — and sure enough, there’s Jamie, right alongside Delbert. Heather hadn’t arrived at the Coroner’s office yet. Still waiting for Vlad to be arrested so I can’t find out how he killed Jamie yet.

It would appear that the town thug didn’t feel inclined to notify the local authorities of the sim-icide he witnessed, leaving Vlad to relax in the hot tub rather than be rushed off to jail for the night. Lovely. I guess he won’t be getting demoted again today. Lucky him.

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