Naughty Little Assassins 2

The April Updates

April 14, 2012

Dasha Schlick

Dasha Schlick

I have temporarily reset the assassination skill to autonomous = false. Bad Vlad made me mad.

I was hoping to set up something of a family photo shoot for him and all his kids out at the cemetery. I had him and his daughter Dasha head out there while I gathered up the infants and toddlers. Unfortunately it was a bit too close to 3:00 AM when I started and all the little kids were sent home by Overwatch. So then I just had Vlad and Dasha out there. Since they don’t see each other very often they started getting caught up. Vlad brought up his baby boy, Jason, then Dasha started talking about Jason’s twin, Janie. Then something went south and Vlad acted all offended. Next thing I know Dasha is doubling over in pain. Rather than let her die and be buried with her sister, I reset her which canceled the action and sent her home. Vlad, on the other hand, needed to be punished for his attempt to kill his last remaining grown daughter. So the right to kill was taken away. Unfortunately, it also affects Elvira’s ability to take lives, but for now I have a bit of a breather where I don’t have to be checking the morgue several times a day or watching Vlad and El like a hawk. It has actually been rather refreshing. 🙂

On a slightly more amusing note, after the non-death event, many of the sims still found themselves mourning for Dasha. If she was on a lot sims would look at her and mourn. It didn’t show up in their queue the same way it would when a sim had actually died, though. It was weird. As if mourning for a sim who had died but was resurrected and is standing right in front of you wasn’t odd enough.

April 22, 2012

Vlad, not exactly remorseful after the death of Alisha CloudA couple of days ago I decided it had been long enough without any unexpected deaths and I reset the skill back to autonomous. Almost immediately Vlad went out and killed a friend, Alisha Cloud. Within 24 sim-hours, Elvira had killed someone as well. Vlad has added two more to Vlad, not exactly remorseful after the death of Alisha Cloud his list. The most recent was just last night when he decided he’d had enough of the Town Gigolo, Rapunzel Charming Goth (I guess you could say she was his pimp in that clan). I’m not sure why, but I never really got interested in the life and times of the youngest Princess Charming, especially after she was turned into a vampire, so she gets to stay dead. With the clan leader dead, SP was required to assign someone new to the post. I had wanted to give Moe Pesce the job since he doesn’t get to do much as the Lestat, but this morning SP announced that the role would be filled by Joey Schlick. Like father like son. Long live the new Gigolo.

April 29, 2012

He did it. Vlad managed to kill Dasha when I wasn’t looking. It’s a good thing he’s had 11 children — but he only has 1 daughter left. Maybe…. since she’s living with him…. maybe she’ll be safe? Only time will tell. Janie and Jason recently started school. It’s only a matter of time before they, too, are old enough to be killed by an assassin gone wild. Then again, as a vampire, she’s also at risk from the likes of the Helsings and Slayers. Sunset Valley is a very dangerous place to live….. if you’re undead.

April 30, 2012

Yesterday was not a good day for the kind and gentle citizens of Sunset Valley. Not only did Dasha meet her demise at the hand of her father, but Elvira killed Cory Kassanova. I thought about leaving him dead and moving on, but his wife had just lost the second of her twins earlier in the day. To lose the love of her life, too? I couldn’t do it. I had to resurrect Cory. But it still remained to exact some sort of punishment on Elvira. She stayed at the theater waiting to be arrested, but the cop suffered a script error and was reset — leaving El free to toddle off without a care. It was suggested that I demote her in her career — make her climb through the ranks again. I’m thinking…… what about a new career entirely? Something good. Something decent. Something….. dare I say it…… honest. I haven’t gotten back into the game yet today, so I haven’t decided just exactly what Ms. El will be doing but I think it’s safe to assume that by the time I shut down this evening she will no longer be the Empress of Evil.

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